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Metro Code Partners with the City of Dallas

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

The City of Dallas has called on Metro Code and two other entities to help get caught up on their backlog of Plan Review.

Dallas has acknowledged that their system started taking a turn once the Pandemic hit, which forced all of their permitting processes to go online.

The City of Dallas found itself several months behind on issuing permits, and the Builders were getting frustrated.

With Metro Code's highly qualified and experienced plans examiners, we are sure that we can help the City of Dallas get caught up on Plan Review, and consequently help Builders receive their permit.

Metro Code is honored to be recognized in this industry and is excited to aid the City of Dallas on these projects.

For Metro Code, this partnership with the City of Dallas is an opportunity to help the local builders keep construction moving in a fast-paced, booming housing market.


Take a look at these articles by Fox4 News:

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